We've got a forum!

As our community grows, we’d like to create a searchable/centralized place for everyone to congregate around our tools. We chose discourse as our forum provider and we need your suggestions in order to grow!

Lets get this place whipped into shape!


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Hi! Guys from Belarus! :innocent:

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Hey Nick and Co.! I suggest taking a look at the rtvfx.com forum for organization and setup. Also, I know Embergen in particular is still Alpha, setting up a wiki on site that covers common things like nodes, their inputs/outputs, how to save a sim, vdb, or flipbook or other export into acceptable formats for various uses like Unity or Unreal (or other), etc. . . would be great. But product completion comes first I realize. I am very happy to be here and wish you all the best!

We plan to have a documentation portal after the beta launch. :slight_smile:

I took some inspiration from RTVFX and some from blenderartists forum. I’m sure more changes will be coming and we’ll be able to finess our categories as time goes on.

Thanks for joining! :smiley:

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