VectorayGEn isn't displaying the 3D vector field

Hi there.

First time trying VectorayGen When I start it up, there is no 3D vector field display on the right as the video tutorials note there should be. Am I doing something wrong?

You have to double click the node that you want to preview. Single click allows you to edit any node in the chain, double click allows you to lock in the field that will be viewed/exported.

Hi Nick. Thanks for the reply.

Tried that just now. No joy. Also, the your tutorial video shows a static particle sphere within a outlined cube before loading any nodes. I don’t see that when I start the app.

Are you on AMD? I think the latest build has AMD issues and we don’t have time to fix them. Try this rollback EXE:

Yep. I’m AMD. That older exe fixed it for now. Thanks.

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