Create vector field out of a 3D model

Hi JangaFX support team,

Really happy with VectorayGen for custom vector fields, but I may be missing something about how to use the node graph to do something : create a vector field based on a model so that the vectors are actually ordered around the edges of the selected model.

I thought that the mesh flow could do that, but it seems I can’t get anything out of it besides a flow map.

Is there something I am missing, is that not possible with the current features implemented or is there a possibility with a clever arrangement of the node graph ?

The mesh node is truly only meant for static flows around an object and nothing more. You could perhaps combine two mesh flow nodes together with separate directions and see if that helps but I’m not sure if that’s an option. It’s been a very long time since I’ve opened vectoraygen as we’re throwing all of our eggs into EmberGen as it’s what keeps us fed.