VectorayGen Feature Wishlist

A thread for requesting features for VectoRayGen

Feature request: Export workflow improvements:

  1. Default export to last path. I keep itterating an export into the engine, and each time, I have to paste the path and double click the file. Would be nice to have it remember path and filename.

  2. Enter and Esc work on the Save and Cancel buttons during export. These together would allow the export process to be a quick… Ctrl+E, Enter.

Also… Enter for the confirm Save as. So it would be Ctrl+E, Enter, Enter

Feature Request: Category: Usability, “Re-highlight behavior during number entry”.

Purpose: To speed up itteration and tuning of numbers, and to keep eyes on the particles, not on the UI.

Desired Outcome: Like 3DSMax, if you have double clicked a number (say “Strength”) so that you are about to type onto the number pad… and then you enter a new value on the number pad and hit enter (also on Number Pad), the field should remain in it’s editing state (rather than submitting, centering and losing focus in the field), and the new number should be highlighted (so that the next typed numbers will replace it). This will allow the user to try a new number, without having to grab the mouse, take eyes off the particles, double click to reactivate “entry” mode on the field, move hand back to number pad, redirect eyes back to particles, before trying the new number.

The flow should be… Double click the value to give focus, Hands on num pad, eyes on particles… 20, enter, 40, enter, 35, enter, 37, enter. voila! It’s perfect.

Feature Request: Support / Ease of use for authoring massive vector fields.

I’m devleoping a vector field, at a 1:1 scale (I realize I could make is smaller and scale it up, but I’m attempting to unit match, as there are variants and a great deal of complexity in this effect) that is 100,000 units in size. The clip plane is chopping at least half of it off from visibility.


  1. A setting for clip plane.

Feature Request: Linear Interpolation Selection and Random selection.

  1. I’d like to have an option in the linear interpolate that allows a selection as an input that works like UE4 Material Editors “Alpha” input in their Linear Interpolate. So that I can have per vector control over how the linear interpolate affects the output.

  2. I’d like a “Random” option under the Select node, which just returns a 0-1 per vertex. I’d pass that into the above “Linear Interpolate selection” so that I can blend per vector by differing amounts.

Bug Report: VectoRayGen crashes when trying to save a file that is write protected.

It shouldn’t.