Translating, Animate a translation on the Simulation Volume Bounding Box

Hey, Newbie to EmberGen, Is there a way to animate the translation of a Simulation bounding box. Example, a car on fire going down the road for several blocks. The flames have a short life, no smoke trails, just flickering flames. By the time the Simulation box is resized and voxels adjusted for higher detail , no lava lamp globs, the scene crashes. The fbx imports can be scaled up, and or adjust the voxel resolution to get more detail resolution. In the past in other software, the volume box can be attached to the animated vehicle, prop. Anything I might have missed or suggestions on how to approach this. All the tutorial videos I’ve watched, around couple hours each, the simulation volume box never moves. All the action takes place in origin space.

anybody using emberGen, can the volume be moved? For example, a vehicle on fire moving down the road, is there a way to constraint or parent or even key frame the simulation volume box.

Thanks for any help. Brian