Bounds from object

It would be really cool if there was an option to create a bounds for a sim based off an object. What I mean by that is you would feed in a primitive or a mesh, and embergen would create a sim domain as close as possible to the shape of the bounding box of that input geometry. With this functionality one could experiment with different voxel sized sims without needing to rebuild the sim bounds each time.


+1 from me - I don’t think the current method is that intuitive IMHO.

The problem with this is as soon as you start emitting from said object, your simulation would hit the bounds. I think the better solution is for us to implement dynamic bounds.

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Sorry, I wasn’t completely clear. I didn’t mean to suggest the object used to create the bounds would be the same as the emission object. If the object I wanted to light on fire was, for example, a box flying through the air, I would use as a “bounds source” a single frame .fbx of the box frozen on all the animation frames necessary to describe its overall movement over the duration of the shot. The “bounds source” would essentially be the bounding box of the motion path of the box.

That being said, dynamic bounds sounds like it could eliminate domain concerns for a good many situations, if it is what I’m imagining it could be? Would the domain start centered around the source and expand intelligently in anticipation of where the velocities are headed on the next step?

is there a tutorial for best workflow for this? I have a plane flying that I want to add smoke to and setting the bounds is very difficult. If anyone has a workflow or if there is a tutorial that would be helpful.