Thickness on Mesh Shapes


I’ve got a sim I really like that I tested with a couple of side-by-side spheres (primitives) as colliders in the sim - great result.

So, I’ve exported an .obj mesh of two spheres inside a nurbs type thing that joins them together and imported into the sim to replace the primitives, same scale and size etc.

The sim is really different - great, but different, and this seems to hings on the ‘Thickness collision’ and maybe ‘thickness render’ settings…

What exactly are these, and how do I set them to accurately use 100% of the imported mesh spheres as colliders?

And what is the ‘thickness render’ option for?

Many thanks, I really love your software, though it turns my laptop into a rather hot abacus that needs very…careful…button…pushes to get any of the buttons to work mid-sim :slight_smile:

Thickness collision dilates your mesh to make it thicker so that theres less chance of smoke passing through. Thickness render doesn’t change the sim, merely changes how you see the voxelized mesh in the renderer.

Does this answer your questions?

Yes, thanks for that :slight_smile: