Strange 6 point lighting behaviour


I’m trying to output a 6 point lighting capture type, but the lighting direction seems to be inconsistent with the camera rotation. I would expect the directions to be in relation to the camera, so that x-negative for example will always point in the same direction in my flipbook. This is not the case however, as if I rotate the camera to view the volume from below/above, I can clearly see that some if not all directions are aligned to the world. Is this the intended behaviour and if so, can you add a toggle to align the directions with the camera? Thanks!

Have you used our latest patch? We pushed a big update a few days ago to 6 point lighting. let me know if you’re still having issues.

Make sure that you’re using “camera” and not “default” as your camera selection too. Everything should be camera relative not world relative.

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Tried the latest version and it is indeed fixed, thanks!

Excellent, glad to hear it!