Static volume simulation, affecting a simulation at defined frames with other shapes/forces

Hi, not sure this is doable in Embergen right now, I recently just purchased it…couldn´t find any direct questions around this though.

Let´s say you simulate some smoke to shape a cloud form to a desired frame end srtate, then you only want that final end state frame to be static in motion, Until you affect it with another object or force.

Usually in Lightwave, houdini etc…you would probably use a single frame cloud vdb file, then add a simulation on top of that with openVDB, have an object fly through it and push the cloud volume.

But in embergen I am a bit lost wether or not this can be done, there´s no VDB import implemented yet, and I can´t find any settings in the time control to freeze only the smoke cloud…yet be active for any collision object.

So might not be possible yet?

I just Got it sort of working, keyframing it by various enable and disable status for the simulation along the timeline, so it´s sort of 4 keyframs, first is set to enabled simulation, the second key where I want the cloud shape to be, is set to freezed, then another keyframe to a frame representing the duration of the “static” state, then another where the simulation should kick in again.

Then it´s maybe a matter of having the simulation of the cloud not moving so fast after that.

If anyone have covered this simulation type on youtube, I would be thankful for the link.