Background Image/Sequence

Is it possible to set a background image instead of a solid colour? I’d like to be able to place a frame into the background of the viewport or camera so I can use it as a reference. Even better would be the ability to add an image sequence.

Does this functionality exist?

For people who have licenses, we just released an internal build yesterday on our discord server in the #licensed-users-testing channel that contains backplate imports. This build also has animated meshes and camera imports. So if you have a license that you purchased from us directly join the discord here and our bot will message you information. If you’re already in the server, PM me, Nick Seavert.

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Does the backplate import feature include moving images (24/23.976 fps quicktimes, for instance)? Because that, combined with fbx camera imports opens up a lot of vfx possibilities.

Right now we only support image sequences, not actual movie/video files.

That’s fine - for now :slight_smile: So, I’d assume that the image sequence is interpreted as the frame rate of the project?

I’m not 100% sure on it but I think it runs at 60 fps (not ideal, I know.) We plan to patch in re-timing after we release 0.7.5

Thank you for adding such a convenient feature. Can you please explain how this function works and where it can be configured? There are too many different tabs, options and configurations in the settings menu. I’m still a novice VFX artist, so I hope for a clear and very simple explanation. Initially, I work as a 3D designer for an indie company. I wanted to learn something new and unusual, so I decided to start learning VFX. I haven’t gone that far into studying special effects yet, since I’m learning on my own, but I definitely don’t plan to stop. By the way, do you happen to know what symmetrical balance photography is? And how often is this style used in creating special effects?