Smoke inside sphere

Hi, I would like to recreate the smoke effect inside a sphere, but I cannot understand how to do it (I use cinema 4d octane) I cannot create collisions inside a sphere and then import it into 4d cinema

So I made a preset for you to demonstrate collisions inside a sphere:

The nodes below are what make this possible. Shape A is your biggest radius circle. Input B is the size of the circle that is going to be subtracted from A. Then you use the blend node to subtract the two then plug it into a collider node. That’s it.

First of all thank you for answering me, how do i hide the fire emission, so that only the smoke ball is exported and placed inside a glass sphere? . I wait for the export of alembic :slight_smile:

If you want just smoke the best way to do that is in the simulation node change the sim method from “combustion” to basic as basic is smoke only.