(Embergen)Collision can "swallow" smoke (Issue #355)

Hello. I was testing this weird scene setup where I try to mimic an air conditioner kind of this, so smoke is blown through a rotating propeller. I added a lot of smoke for strong effect. After I animated the propeller collider, I noticed that I get way less smoke than I should. I thought maybe its just the propeller blowing stuff too fast it simply flies out from the bounds. But its not the case. I removed the propeller, added a static ceiling, changed the wind direction, and now the ceiling makes the smoke disappearing, instead of the smoke slowly crawling on the ceiling until it reaches the border. Also, if I simply put the propeller against the smoke without any animation it, it still makes the smoke disappearing.
I attached a video:

Thanks for the report, this is indeed a known issue and we’ll have to improve how our colliders work in the future.

Hi there, will this issue be resolved anytime soon? I used to have an older version of Embergen that didn’t have this problem but since I got 7.5.2 with octane, any collision (with objects, or the boundaries ) do not work, and instead swallows the smoke.

Not sure how much smoke its actually swallowing, but I believe in our next update we do have more accurate collisions coming.