Simulate very high resolution

Would like to know if i am missing something…
If i setup a sim, then increase the voxel resolution/decrease voxel size accordingly (btw would be great to have a slider for the upscaling)
I frequently encounter crashes when exporting… assuming gpu running out of ram or similar

Is there a workflow for running the export in a ‘safe mode’ where i dont care how long the export takes, but its less likely to crash…

I know this is kind of vague, but im thinking about redshift, where it will fill up the gpu ram, then switch to system ram (they refer to it as out of core)

Theres a performance hit, but you will get the result, eventually


We will have the ability to do this sort of thing with our sparse simulator we’re working on now. No ETA though unfortunately. For now you’ll just have to deal with what fits in your VRAM and voxel size doesn’t really work well or change much right this second.