Replacing flames with components causes light issues

When I replace flames with vorticity or temperature, the smoke gets darker and recieves almost no light.
Is there a way to avoid that?

Can you elaborate further?
you can change your smoke color and shading under the shading tab.

this is how the lighting changes when I replace flames with vorticity.

I don’t think this is the lighting it is just the transparency of the smoke. You can change your background color or plug the sky in to better see the dissipated smoke.

You can increase emission or smoke density should help with finding a middle ground.

What are you trying to achieve by replacing flames with vorticity?

The alpha channel doesn’t change. What you see there is the directional light channel which becomes darker where I suspect the vorticity is. This isn’t a bug that effects any other aspect of the volume but the lighting.

I’m using vorticity to get a more stylish flame effect.

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Hmm I think the issue is that because you’re using vorticity to replace the flame, the flame is actually more active than it was before. And since there is more flame, there isn’t smoke yet since it’s too hot, so you’re seeing less smoke, and the darker parts are you seeing through the smoke into the inside of that volume. That’s why the smoke looks so dark there, because its the shadow from the light hitting the other side… Let me know if that seems to be the case

It’s the same exact frame, I’m not re-running the simulation, those screenshots are how the lighting changes when I simply pause the sim and replace flames with vorticity from the post modulation tab. You can even see from the bottom left of the smokes that that the smoke shapes are identical.
The problem seems to come from the way it renders lights and somehow subtracts the lighting if flames are replaced with something else.

Here is another example with the clear alpha volume of the smoke which doesn’t change. I disabled rendering the flames so the smoke is visible more clearly. The simulation itself stays the same, it’s just the lighting that changes. And it reacts differently depending on what I replace the flames with.

Okay I see what you mean, can you upload that embergen project so that I can look into it?

I’m off work just now but it’s easily reproducable by just switching flames with other components and checking the smoke lighting.

Okay yeah I see what you mean now, I didn’t realize that it was amplifying the shadow that way. Well that is a very interesting bug, especially because I found the way that you fix it, you have to also turn down the scale of the flame to 0 in the shading tab. It does the same thing if you are using temperature.

No idea why that happens but I bet the devs are gonna have fun picking it apart lol

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