Optimal hardware specs for EmberGen

What is the recommended RAM ,GPU,and CPU specs for a smooth experience in EmberGen?
For those whom are using EmberGen,please write down you PC specs and describe your performance experience.

CPU and RAM won’t matter as much as the GPU, except for maybe slightly faster exports (i.e. saving to disk), so anything from the last decade that support DDR4 would do.

We will be targetting a GTX 1060 for a minimum spec, so any GPU with a bandwidth around 200 GB/s would do. Anything better would obviously run smoother and faster. The min spec will probably be a bit sluggish at first, but that should improve as we get more improvements in after we get all the major features done.

To put things into perspective, AN RTX 2080 Ti should be able to run about 3 times faster than the minimum spec card in theory. A Radeon VII up to 5 times faster in theory. So there’s quite a bit of flexibility in terms of how fast you can go and how big you can go.

I have a pretty old PC, getting on three or four years now. However I also have an RTX 2080 Ti and EmberGen cranks. It’s basically always realtime if you stick to the usual simulation dimensions.

GPU seems to be the most important piece. I upgraded this past month from a 960ti, FX-8350 Black, and 16gb 1600 mhz RAM. While it could run EmberGen, it definitely stuttered in its run. I knew I was under specifications at the time though as JangaFX had been targeting 10xx series and later as I understood it. I have upgraded into a RTX 2070 and it runs pretty fast. I’m very happy that we’re able to get this much quality off of a single consumer grade GPU.

You can see the stuttering here for reference:

And the gist is that if you want the best experience get an RTX 2080 TI or Radeon VII :slight_smile: