All windows actions are slow motion as well

Real time simulation?

All windows actions are slow motion as well

May be my computer is weak? - intel core i9 9900fk and quadro p2000 (5 Gb) and 48 Gb on mother board

Partly i find a solution to simplify simulation by decreasing voxel amount from 200 200 200 to 100 100 100
Does anybody know how to simplify simulation other way?

There isn’t much we can do here. This card doesn’t have nearly enough compute power for EmberGen memory bandwidth wise. An RTX 4090 is nearly 1 TB/s where this card is less than 150GB/s.

You would need to update your GPU unfortunately for more speed. This card is below our minimum spec.

" RTX 4090 "

Are you kidding? - This video card is high-end and there are tittle amount of people who has it…

пт, 25 авг. 2023 г. в 17:13, Nick via JangaFX Software Forum <>:

RTX 4090!! Ha-ha

Embergen is designated for people like Bill Gates
In my country Quadro p2000 is the most powerful computer component

I don’t know any person even in other countries who has such an expensive video card
Embergen is designated for 2030 year (People of future will be happy )

you said: - “There isn’t much we can do here”

You are wrong - i lessened amount of voxels and got acceptable result.
I and the compony where i work recommend you to make a paper document about full amount of optimization methods to give the majority of people to use your software

Forget about rich people and give a possibility to work in embergen for common people

You should learn to work with second world countries

Our minimum spec is a GTX 1060 or 1070. Its more of a technical limitation than only wanting to provide EmberGen to “rich people”. I’m merely comparing your card to one of the few that runs it purely real-time. A GTX 1060 is our minimum and your card isn’t as fast as that unfortunately.

If you want to see optimizations you don’t need a paper, here’s a video I did a while back so more people can use it.

All I’m trying to say is your card is more for general rendering, not made for extreme compute situations like EmberGen. We have even more speed improvements coming with 1.1 and far better results coming with 2.0 to help those with lower end cards.

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Thank you!!!..