What limits graphics (card) performance?

I’m new to Embergen, but I really like what I see. The bad part is that my video card is the weakest part of my PC specifications, as I bought it during the video card drought. (It’s a NVidia Geforce GTX 1650)

But I think this situation is a bit more complex than simple card speed.

I have noticed that some scene presets are not too bad at all, while others are really painful. And when I increased the number of cells in one preset, it basically juddered to a halt, with the interface becoming unresponsive.

So, my guess is that the scene no longer “fitted” into the card - maybe it needed more memory than was on the card, or some other limiting factor was exceeded. Which makes me think I need to know more about what elements of the graphics card limit what I can do in embergen.

I’m not really worried by fairly slow render times, (I’ve been working with VDB’s in Lightwave, which often took hours a frame). So slow by embergen standards is good for me! But locking up is obviously unusable.

So can anyone tell me what specific aspect of a graphics card will let me handle more detailed simulations? And are any stats available in Embergen, (or via windows), that will let me see how close I am to that limit?