Licensing confusing information in the account´s page

When we buy Embergen annual indie, we get a confirmation that it is a permanent license.
But at the account´s page for downloads and info about your purchase, it says…it has to be renewed each year.
Now …it sounds like that is a bit confusingly in conflict with the terms when you purchase the Annual indie version.

Wouldn´t the proper thing to state in the accounts page be like.
Renewal each year for maintenance, updates?

I had to download the license again today, I have had a system crash that took me a month or so to fix to some degree, and my license runs out so to speak, but it´s really confusing when you get info that it has to be renewed, without the proper specific mentioning about what that means.

Hey Michael,

Right now we don’t really control what’s on the account page since that’s from our payment processor. However, we are building our own account system which will better show what license you have, how it works, etc. Right now renewals are just continued maintenance. The licenses are permanent regardless if you bought what we used to call “annual”. We’re working on phasing that term out in lieu of permanent.