Lensflare/star filter processing effect?

You know, it would be really nice if some sort of lensflare star filter effects can be implemented in the embergen renderer, but it really needs some capability of rendering in the realtime viewport display.
And applied per light basis, so the very same light that affects the volume of a nebula for instance, should also be able to be activated with a lensflare starfilter.

Like my sample below, for which I used lightwave, lightwave´s light system allows you to render out lights with lensflares, and starfilters that can have various star filter setups, such as 8x8 point 4x4 point etc, depending on how many sharp star streaks you want, and also options to rotate it, but I really could skip rendering of vdb´s in Lightwave ( sample vdb not embergen but Lightwaves own gas solver, which is in stone age to some degree compared to Embergen realtime display and performance, And rendering) but the lensflare star filters are nice.

If I had that, I could in many cases render out directly from embergen nebula images, if not…I would have to look at post processing tools or import VDB´s.

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I’ve never considered this but I really like this idea. I’m gonna add it to our suggestions on github, thanks!