Importing geo from C4D to use as simulation bounds?

TL;DR: What’s the most eficient way to set up an EmberGen sim so that the simulation bounds are 1:1 with the bounds of the object that you want the simulation to exist in?

Taking a proper crack at learning EmberGen. The experience in EmberGen is great; very intuitive and (relatively) easy to get going. Kicking the VDB data back to C4D has been where the process feels… not great.

My scene is very simple. I have a pre-defined volume (a 200cm x 400cm x 200cm rectangle) I’d like the simulation I’ve created to contain it. When I try to set the bounds of the sim in EmberGen, I can get close, but not the same dimensions. When I attempt to bring in the geo from C4D and use it as a collider, it kind of works, but the emitter (which is using an Oscillator node to drive the position/rotiation) goes through the geo, along with some portions of the simulation itself.

The closest I’ve gotten has been exporting the VDB sequence and bringing that into C4D, but quickly realized the bounding box for the simulation isn’t static so it’s been rather difficult to accurately determine what dimensions of the imported VDB needs to be scaled in what axis so that it fits the bounds.

Also… and maybe this is documented somewhere else… but super aggravating to bring in VDBs from EmberGen. Scale’s off, position’s off, very vexing to try and get everything to fit the way it was in EmberGen. Anyone have any insights/tutorials/docs they could share on how to make using EmberGen and C4D a more harmonious process?