Imported FBX animation is slower in embergen

Hi, I’m pretty new to embergen so there is a strong possibility the problem is on my side…

Everytime i import animated FBX i made in C4D, it’s playback is somehow slower in embergen. I don’t mean the simulation is slowing down the preview, but almost as if it’s set to higher framerate instead of 30.

The Import node shows it as 30fps and Cinema has the settings set at 30 as well. I wouldn’t mind that the final export is slower, it actually works pretty well, but i want to combine the smoke sim render from embergen with Octane render i have and i just can’t seem to match the fps offset properly.

Is there something obvious I’m doing terribly wrong?

By the way, except for this problem i have, i’m loving embergen so far, you guys did really awesome job.

Hi Petsto, you can go into the import node and select ‘override original fps’. If you leave that value at 60, your animation should playback at the exact speed in the viewport. Let me know if this helps!