Imported animated geometry causes empty VDB export

Hello friends, I’m new to EG so forgive me if this is a noob question.

I’m using EG v0.7.5.11. I have a pulsating bubble as an Alembic file, and imported it in my Node Graph as an animated geometry. My goal was to have smoke simulation happening inside of this mesh, therefore I used it as a collider. Everything works as I wish in the viewport, but when I try to export it as VDB into Blender, I get a very small, empty volume (no density visible inside).

If I disconnect the Import node and export, the VDB is still empty.

The problem disappears when I delete the Import node from the Node Graph.

This looks like a bug to me but maybe there is a way around. Am i missing something here?

Please see screenshot attached :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for your time and help!

I have encountered some weird empty vdb results, despite the bounding container growing and showing theres something there, but not visible in the viewport properly, nor rendering.

how is your export coordinate system setup?
If it is set to Z up right handed, it works for me, should I export with Z up Left handed, then I experience this issue of no visible voxels, but the container is there with bounds and growing.

So try check if you haven´t set it to left handed, in such case switch to right handed.

Hey sorry for not getting to this when you posted, but much of this should be fixed in 1.0.2. I can’t remember all the changes that were made but there were some weird Blender settings that affected the visibility of our VDBs as well

you might need to increase the Viewport display density in Blender? Or try adding a material and seeing if it’s visible in the render view. Much of this should be addressed in 1.0.2 though