VDB export returns empty density channel

Hi all. :slight_smile:
I want to export one of the included examples (the afterburner) as a vdb sequence, I am on a full version of The export goes smoothly, but when trying to render the vdb in Vray for 3dsmax I cant get the vdb to show up, instead it seems to illuminate the scene with a crazy high intensity light.
I investigated in Houdini, and found that the density attribute is empty ( as in 0,0,0 voxels) at every frame. So by default Houdini does also not show it in rendering. I could swap the channels and make -for example- the temperature attribute drive the density. This then, makes the vdb appear during rendering but the result is obliviously false. And yes, I have checked export density in Embergen. It also works with different example scenes, but I have only checked a few of them.
Any ideas?

That example is mostly flames/temperature so those are the channels to export.Temperature exports can go up to 20,000 kelvin at times so your temperature may be far too high in the external renderer.