I'm at a loss on how to recreate a consistent render

So I did a smoke simulation and the client loved it “Whoah. That’s f*****g cool!”. Trouble is I rendered in png for the draft, and now I want to render in exr but every time I render, the simulation is different and I can’t get the original simulation exactly he loved.

I noticed all the seeds were 0 so, in thinking this is a random in itself, I changed all the seeds to 5, tried to render twice and each time it was different.

I then noticed the “Randomize override” was on for all the seeds, so I turned each off in sequence and each time, the renders still all came out different.

I’m at a loss on how to get a consistent render.

Here is the node map of the project:

The only seeds I can find are in:

  1. Force: Noise > General > Seed, feeding the Emitter Volume
  2. Force: Noise > General > Seed, feeding the Simulation
  3. Emitter: Volume > Pressure > Pressure Random Seed, feeding the Simulation

Nothing else.

Any ideas what could be causing the different renders or any resources you can point me at that may be able to detail what I’m going through here?

Thanks for reading this!

Hi there, unfortunately this is a bug we discovered with imported meshes breaking the determinism within EmberGen. The simulation should look largely similar between the renders, but they won’t be able to look the exact same until we address this (which is on our to do list atm). Let me know if you have any other questions in the meantime!