How do line Maya animation?

I imported 60 frames camera test. translation wont show unless u scale X 100. And the 60 frames shows up as 150 frames in timeline. They r 24 frame/sec.

Make sure you keep the Timestep at 60, camera fps at 60 if you’re using a backplate, and then use the import node Override FPS checkbox and leave that fps value at 60, that should keep everything in alignment. Not sure what you mean by translation won’t show, you’ll need to have the camera node selected to see where it is in the viewport

Thanks. But I am animating in 24 frame /sec in Maya. … Why anything need to be 60??

because embergen natively runs at 60fps, and you’re using these values to tell embergen to play the animated mesh back at a frame rate that matches the software. When you export it out, you’re exporting an image sequence that will be played back at the intended frame rate