Grid appearing with low force values (QA3 build)

this is with a Force: Noise with an amplitude of less than .1 but this grid still appears with larger forces.

Sometimes grid will appear on simulations with low force values.

This effect isn’t really noticeable in v0.7.5.2 maybe because it has less small detail added to the sim.

Hey sorry for the late response here, can you send me the project file? I’d like to compare how it looks in these different versions. Feel free to post here or send to us at

I increased the sharpening to make the grid appear more easily.

You will notice it from 300 frames onwards in the centre from camera view

Okay I see, your simulation only has 1 million voxels. A voxel is kind of like a 3D pixel, and these are used to store the information of the simulation, the more of these you have, the more detailed your simulation will be. If you were to use the upscaling you’ll see what I mean