Greyed out Particles in PNG image sequence

I’m rendering out a series of PNGs for an animated explosion with spark particles, but there is something like a grey blurry mask just outside the edge of the explosion turning all the particles beyond the explosion area grey, or blocking them out. What am I doing wrong? The spark particles look bright in the preview render window but not in the exported image.

Hey can you provide the EmberGen file you’re using to make this so that I can check it out? Thanks!

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Sure thing. =)

Paul Taylor
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(Attachment explosion 001.ember is missing)

Di you get the file okay? I just got another email about the file being rejected.

Paul Taylor
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doesn’t look like it uploaded, can you use a google drive or dropbox link?

Here’s a google drive link: explosion 001.ember - Google Drive

Hi guys , have you find s solution ? Being new i need all the answers . :joy::joy:

Hey so sorry for the delay @pablowapsi, where are you viewing that image? My export looks like the export in EG

That was just a screen shot of looking at the PNG file in Windows. When I comped it into After Effects, there was a grey haze around the image and any glowing particle not directly connected to the fire or smoke was almost cropped out with a feathered lasso tool (at least that’s how it looked). I noticed that the particles were marked as “render” and when I clicked off of that, the glowing of the particles was the only thing showing up and not the base grey looking particle (which I guess is not to be rendered ?), but that still didn’t get rid of the feathered effect around the explosion. Does that make sense?

Paul Taylor
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the glow is going to be lost from your render since you’re using an alpha channel. The emission from the particles is not going to interact with the alpha so you will need to recreate that in After Effects. Once you do that you should be able to get a similar result. Let me know if this helps!

The grey blurry mask outside the explosion area could be due to a few factors, including compression settings or rendering settings.
One thing you could try is compressing the exported images using tools that help to compress image. They can help optimize PNG files by reducing their size without sacrificing too much quality. This might help alleviate the issue with the greyed-out particles and improve the overall clarity of your explosion animation.
Additionally, double-checking your rendering settings to ensure they’re optimized for exporting high-quality images could also make a difference. Experimenting with different settings might help pinpoint the source of the problem and lead to a solution.