Feature Request: Pressure Gain from combustion


Coming from other fluid simulation software I am pretty happy with the current state of EmberGen.
I noticed that you have ‘gain’ of temperature, flames and smoke but no pressure. During the combustion of a gasoline or diesel explosion you gain volume when fuel combusts. I could not find any parameter that does that. In FumeFX is it called ‘Expansion’ and in Houdini Pyro it is called divergence. I would love to see a ‘Pressure Gain’ function to really get real with the explosions.

Thanks a lot in advance!

We actually used to have something like this, I’ll throw it back into the loop to see if we can get it back.


NIce! Yeah, it is something that makes those billowing gasoline explosion just look amazing since every bit of burning fuel will increase the volume a bit progressively. Thanks for considering bringing it back. You guys rock!

Just following up on this, our next update will include gas expansion from combustion!

Great1 Thank You! Can’t wait to try it out!