Explosion too big for bounding box

Hello, I am trying to simulate a nuclear detonation in Embergen, however in order for the explosion to look correct it has to be very large, so its too big for the bounding box even at maximum simulation size. I was wondering if there was a way to scale down the 3D explosion without changing how it behaves/looks, just so it will fit in the bounding box and still look like a nuke when you zoom in. You know like how in Blender there is a feature where you can just scale down the explosion without changing how it looks, to make it fit inside the render, however I really enjoy Embergen a lot more and think it is more realistic so I dont want to resort to having to use blender instead, is there a feature like this in Embergen?

Hi Josh, there isn’t a solution like you’re explaining. But you can export the simulation as is, and scale it up in Blender, which will be an easier task than creating the explosion to the scale you’re imagining. Let me know if this helps!

Thanks for letting me know was just wondering if this was a feature yet or not, I really think it should be in the future at some point.

Isn´t the new improvements on sparse volumetrics supposed to help with things like this?

Anyway…quite impossible to work with real life scale domains I believe?
try and start fresh with smaller mesh/particle emitters and make sure the bounding box of the domain is fairly large enough to keep all fluids move without colliding, then scale up in the final 3D software, decrease voxel size for better voxel quality.

it will help but that’s still quite a ways away. I would expect at least another year

Ah…I thought you guys had that going already, after what I watched as showcased, but I guess I was mistaken, anyway…that´s ok.
I may not be able to update til then.

My approximated update schedule…
first quarter 2024, not likely, unless some situations change for me, economics.
second quarter 2024, maybe …maybe at the end of it.
Third quarter 2024, probably, depends also if there´s updates.

And I was working with embergen when you replied :wink: and still am currently.
I have been a bit sloppy/slack doing that for several months, but now I am back to it again.
Gonna mess with Lightwave and TurbulenceFD fluids though and compares some stuff during christmas, I will have a demotrial to work on for 60 days.
My upgrade for that whole package will be more costly though on that side, so I am guessing embergen will be updated before that.

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