False-positive virus detections

Due to the nature of the code protection techniques we are using on our executables we will often end up with false positives for viruses and malware from a variety of anti-virus softwares and engines. As of version (the released version) I get no hits on the license manager on VirusTotal.com, but some people have reported “WS.Reputation.1” from Norton Antivirus. EmberGen itself as it is shipped seems to be flagged by a few engines as well, notably 3 on VirusTotal.com, none of which are actual real vulnerabilities.

If your particular OS and software combinations happen to complain about the executables being malicious, let us know here, ideally with as much details about the reports as possible.

Both executables are signed and verified that they are all clear.

From the currently released signed version of EmberGen Beta (version

EmberGenBeta.exe: 41bdcb082a2a84fe572f391838980427781d53559b725fca3f83b0674671e8ee
JangaFX_License_Manager_Beta.exe: 54d65207ed2250782ba443f04c7d764efa683019d2ca30618c312c0a33ad6dad