Upcoming Release - EmberGen Beta 0.5.0

We’re hard at work on our beta release and it should be out within a few weeks.

Major features planned:

  • Node based editor
  • Static mesh imports for emission and collision
  • Collisions with primitives
  • Custom shape building
  • Looping simulations
  • Texture packing for flipbook and image sequence exports
  • New timeline editor
  • Transform gizmos
  • New camera system
  • Color gradient mapping for temperature, density, velocity
  • Simulation upresing (not a post process effect, so it can be exported in VDB format)
  • Rendering and simulation improvements

Stay tuned!


We also had a beta live stream which you can view here:


Loved the stream! Thanx, can´t wait for the beta to arrive :smiley:

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There was a master.material shown in the UE4 tunnel explosion stream,will that be available too?

It won’t be out during the initial beta release since it’s not finished yet, but we do plan to release a master material for UE4 so that our exports are plug and play :slight_smile:

Timeline of being out by the end of March isn’t going to happen due to the virus and such going around. We’ll likely have something to release in April. :slight_smile:

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Are you already able to name a date for the release in April?
I was already in the starting holes for using EmberGen in my current client project… :frowning:

Naming a date is a sure fire way to make people mad and not deliver. :slight_smile:


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All is fine. “Better less bugs than less fun…”

I will name some of the hold ups though:

  1. Timeline implementation isn’t finished yet.
  2. We still need to implement color gradients for mapping colors to simulation channels (temperature, density etc).
  3. We need to ensure that our new export system is bullet proof.
  4. We need to fix a lot of bugs that have popped up with the way that the tool works now.
  5. We need to make a bunch of new presets
  6. We would like to release with good documentation
  7. We would like to release with a few tutorials.

#6 and #7 could be released the week after the initial beta if need be.

A very good manual is super important in my opinion and should have a much higher priority than dozens of tutorials, that doesn’t solve my individual problem maybe.

I like tutorials, don’t misundestand me… :slight_smile:
Tutorials will be published automatically by time, but the manual can only be written by the development.

Don’t worry, documentation will be coming too :slight_smile:

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If I buy version of alpha, and the software is updated to version beta in a few days.

can I upgrade directly to beta,or I have to pay for beta again ?

You would not have to pay for the software again. The alpha will upgrade to the beta automatically.

Unfurnately it doesn’t update. I’ve started the alpha after asking you to add me to the beta list on discord, but nohing happen here and I still have the alpha installed. Anything I have to know?

EDIT: OK, forget it please. Reading complete e-mails makes sense… I’ve the beta.

  • I am also anxiously awaiting the release of the new version

How do I get the beta?

Go to our website and download the installer from the download page: https://jangafx.com/software/embergen/download/