Export VDB voxel size limited to 1unit when imported in other software

Hey guys at Janga

First to say Hi to all and I would like to congratulate you guys and all the team at jangaFX, it is a promising software, such amazing and powerful tool so far and I feel it will be a game changer in the near future as well either for the VFX and Games industry.

Talked with Nick but I placed the thread just to remain aware when the bug will be reported as solved and is the export VDB is limited to 1 unit in voxel size when in emberGen I have a setup of 0.075 voxel size (with almost 150 millions of voxels exemple).

I would like to test the limits and looks with other renderers like RenderMan, Mantra or Arnold

Thank you very much in advance for your help and time.


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