VDB exports problem

We have the Embergen software in our studio (which is dedicated to the Vfx of international series). We’ve been testing it for a while and it’s going really well, but to fully implement it in our pipeline we need to export the simulations to Vdb.
We have done a lot of tests and we have seen that the export scales are not the right ones… It even seems that the Vdb placement is not always the same (it depends on the simulation itself).
Now we have several projects in which there are quite a lot of simulations and we have to decide which is going to be our main software for the simulations.
I have seen on the forum (link below) that this problem has already been discovered and that there was a time estimation for the solution (March or April this year).
Is there a more concrete date or an estimation of when this problem will be solved?
For us it is of paramount importance… If we can’t export the Vdb, the use of embergen is unfeasible (because of the complexity of the complete scenes).
Thank you!
Javier Urosas

This is the link of the topic where it is commented that the export of the vdb in terms of size does not work well…
It is also said that it seems that the date to fix this was going to be around march or april.