Changing grid size and resolution

How do I export more detailed VDB? DO we use UPSCALING? When I change Voxel Size to a smaller number my VDB gets trimmed.

UPDATE: It looks like when I change voxel size my grid box gets smaller therefore cropping VDB? Can grid size and vdb box be linked? And why is my grid box maxed out at 19 meters? Is it related to demo version?

Can we have adaptive gird in case smokes continue to expand?

So if you want to change the size of your bounds, I recommend only editing your voxel count. The bounds measurements are weird so just ignore those boxes. If you want a higher box, put more voxels in it. If you need more detail that’s where upscaling comes in. Upscaling can export to a VDB. I’d also suggest not touching voxel size as that doesn’t really do anything either yet. You can type any number you want into any box, but sliders by default are capped at some pre-determined limit for “safety” but typing in your own number will override it, most of the time.

We have plans to support adaptive grids but it’s a complex problem.

Thank you. So I guess we currently limited to a certain voxel size and upscaling is just an emulation of quality? Hopefully we’ll be able in the future to adjust voxel resolution

Also we have octane. Where do we download embergen FX?

Upscaling is not just an emulation of detail, it actually is increasing the number of voxels within the bounds making each voxel smaller.

For EmberGenFX: