(EmberGen) Render Combined Preview not Visible and Cannot Export

I opened the preset 014-Moving-Fireball to use as a template and modified it to remove all its keyframes, reposition the fireball and edit some parameters. My aim is to render it from the top-down for a flipbook. The only problem is that when I enter Preview, the Render Combined doesn’t show anything. Other channels like Motion Vector and Emissive work perfectly, showing the simulation. As a result of this, I cannot export the frames for Render Combined or Normal/Derivative Normal.

You can download my EmberGen file here:

EmberGen Fireball Download (Dropbox)

The screenshots below show what I mean:

I’m using the latest version of EmberGen that just came out, 0.5.3. Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

I’ve been playing with the parameters and I found what causes this. Under Simulation, then Combustion, is the parameter Extinction smoke gain. I had this set to 0, which causes the problem described above. If I set it to something like 30, it works. The problem is I get the render preview disagreeing with the raytracer simulation display, and I get smoke, which I don’t want in mine. Is this a bug perhaps?

EDIT: I fixed everything with my usual parameters by selecting Uniform Color instead of Atmosphere on Scene. The only standing issue with this is that the uniform colour background set actually renders and I’d like the background to basically be transparent.

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We’ll look into these issues. Theres something kind of funky going on with alpha and our backgrounds. Ill send these results to our dev team :slight_smile:

Thank you Nick. :wink: