(EmberGen) Image Export saves to unknown location when non existent folder is part of file path

I have a project file where I am generating variations of explosions for my game. When I want to create a new variation, I just save the file as a new one, change some parameters, and once I am happy, I would just like to increment the numbers in the file path and have the images save into the new destination.

Here I have incremented the Explosion_05 folder to Explosion_06 and Explosion_05_Normal filename to Explosion_06_Normal.

Whenever EmberGen encounters non existent file path, it still saves the file but I have no clue where, definitely not in the specified location.

Non existent file paths should never be ignored, but created instead, as long as the user interface offers user to manually edit it as a string. If support for non existent file path is not intended (which frankly it always should be in this day and age) then the user interface should not allow user to manually change the path string, and instead only offer to change it using the browse button.

One more bug I found kind of related to this. When clicking the browser button upon reopening scene, the browse button does not open file browser in the path specified next to it, which is expected behavior in pretty much any sensible software.

What’s worse is that EmberGen does not even allow me to select the part of the path in the text field so I could at least paste it manually to the Windows browser. It does select the entire path including the file on the first click, but then it also doesn’t support Ctrl+C copy.