Embergen QA4: 0KB export when file path includes Chinese/Japanese characters

When exporting from embergen and the file path includes Chinese characters embergen will export frames that are 0KB.

But when the file path is switched back to a path, not including these characters it renders normally.

example of file path
D:\videos\2023\雲切れ - Gap between the clouds

embergen shows this:

Healthy normal output. Notice png contains data

Broken 0KB output using Chinese characters in file path:

In conclusion, Embergen is officially racist. I am kidding XD

Maybe this is already fixed for the full release as the whole directory interface is a bit broken in this build anyway.

Thanks for pointing this out! We haven’t been able to render those characters in the file path, but they used to work. We’ll get to that before 1.0

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Great to hear, thanks.