Collision in the minus x direction from world zero only?

admittedly i am no Embergen expert, i have started with the Dry ice demo and imported my own OBJ mesh of a tunnel, i want the smoke to flow through the tunnel and collide with the inside of the walls, oddly the collision only seems to take affect once the smoke passed world zero in the minus X direction? using 1.1.2.

I would add screen shots but i don’t appear to be able to do this. but to describe in detail, i have a tunnel that sits just above the ground that spans across world zero, if i place the spherical emitter to the right of world zero + X there is no collision with the tunnel, the smoke passes right through the geo until the smoke reaches world zero traveling in the minus X direction at which point it suddenly recognises collision and behaves. of course i will now move everything to counter this issue, but ive seen posts regarding collision since 2023, so im just wondering when the next update to fix this might be?

Hey thanks for letting us know about this. Can you upload the embergen file to a google drive link or something and share it here so that I can check it out? Thanks!

Hi, some one awesome on Discord helped me debug the issue, it was to do with the size of the voxel container being larger than 1024. i didn’t realise there was a limit.

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