EmberGen 0.7.5 Teaser


awesome Nick, something to look forward to in the new year, and happy New Year to you guys!


Is there any update on when 0.7.5 will be available?

Also - I noticed that two features from this upcoming version have been moved to a future release, expanding/dynamic bounds and retiming simulations. Any rough idea on when they might be implemented?

These two features are vital for an upcoming project so if they aren’t planned for a while, I need to find a workaround fast…

We are aiming for sometime in the next few months for the release and have an internal date set, but don’t want to announce it publicly in case we miss it.

Dynamic bounds will need extensive R&D so I don’t have a timeline on that… but for retiming we plan to release that in a patch after the initial 0.7.5 release, though the time from release to patch is unknown.

Thanks Nick. This is really useful to know.

As a suggested workaround, perhaps some tweaking to the volume masking can help with the dynamic bounds issue in the meantime. I just couldn’t get it to look natural using the current masking methods but if the mask itself could somehow be dynamic and ‘noisy’ rather than a static ‘fade out’ at the boundary, then it might help as a temp fix.

Please correct me if this is somehow possible and there is already a way to get more realistic masking at the bounds so sims disappear more naturally…

You can plug any shapes you want into the volume masking pin on the volume node and that may help :slight_smile:

I had a dream.

“This morning when I got up, I found 0.75 on my computer”

great day !


Many people already have 0.7.5 on their computers since they have a license, as we have a pre-release available on our discord server. Final public build should be ready soon. It was a much larger release than we anticipated and has taken us over a year to get right.