EmberGen Hot Fix

We have a new hotfix out for EmberGen that fixes some pretty naughty bugs. For you wacom tablet users, you should have better control over EmberGen now. Give us your feedback!

  • Fixed a file dialog crash
  • Fixed a tablet control bug
  • Fixed multiple freezing bugs
  • Fixed text resize bug in context menus
  • Fixed accelerator in preview and export modes
  • Fixed some common issues when using Wacom tablets
  • The show wireframes/indicators keybinding is now F7 instead of alt
  • You can now zoom the camera with ctrl+click
  • You can now pan the camera with shift+click
  • Default camera visual improvements
  • Ctrl+c no longer resets the camera - C is still the camera reset key.
  • Camera can now be locked to prevent it from moving!

I’m still on Embergen 0.563 (Octane-User)
Since a few days I can’t open a new *ember-file - embergen crashes showing me this error:
The computer: Win10Pro, all updates, NVidia GTX 1080, newest drivers, Antivirus/firewall: BitDefender InternetSecurity.
Thank you!

Is this a file that you created or is it one that you downloaded?

The matters whenever I try to change the startup-scene.
When I try to open a “load preset” window embergen will crash immediately.
Nevertheless I can open a preset or a downloaded ember-file by clicking on it
in the file manager; then embergen will start and load it.
But when I try to load any scene from within embergen it doesn’t work.