Collision physics options missing since 1.1 update

Hey all I’m not sure if this is 1.0 > 1.1 update related but suddenly all of my collider physics options are missing. I used to have distance repulsion and friction - now all I have is velocity transfer


You may need to go into the collider and re-enable the activity on the collider or if it still exists, the do collision checkbox. We had some issues where colliders would be disabled from older projects. Hope that helps!

these options were actually removed with the collider changes that were made in the update to 1.1 because they were incompatible with the new code and also a bit superfluous. We’ve heard from other people who liked them and we are considering ways to reimplement them

Hey thank you both. It’s a shame that these features were removed as they were pretty useful. What would be even more useful is a repulsion or bounce %. In most other physics sims I use, bounce and friction are essential to colliders.

most of the physics based parameters moved to the simulation node