Bag with the camera field of view

Hi. Love your software, really saved me time when I started to learn it, but unfortunately found a very unpleasant bug to work around. Surprised no one has posted about it so far. So, when I export FBX file with camera from blender (in this FBX can lay other objects or lay just camera, I tried all options), and then import it into embergen, field of view (In the future I will write just FOV) of camera in blender is very different from FOV in Embergen, and in the numbers in the camera settings and there and there is written the same pure, but in the viewport window they are different, and when rendering the same thing, FOV remains incorrect. I am convinced that this is a bug, I hope you fix it quickly, otherwise I will wait for an answer!


Yea, it seems to be true, cas i found this bag few days ago👍

facts man, I also came across this bug

Hey Can you provide your files where you’re experiencing this? Are you using a vertical camera by chance?

Here’s the thing. I have a vertical camera in my project, and in order for everything to be more or less correct, I need to do several things: 1) put instead of the vertical camera horizontal, 2) set the resolution 1920 by 1920 and only under these conditions I have the right proportions. I found how i can fix it yesterday, I unlink all of the objects for render (this moov is deactivate alpha channel), and after i compos render fills in After Effects. I am convinced that this is the bug of the program.

Here is a good YouTube video to learn how to set up your Blender / EmberGen projects. It’s really a bug in Blender but the Sensor fit of “Auto” just sets the sensor fit to Horizonal for some reason, so you need to manually set that to Vertical (and set it to vertical in EmberGen). I timestamped the video but the whole thing is good to watch so that you can pick up all the small intricacies like this. Let me know if this helps!

Hello. Thank u very much for helping!!! It really works.

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