Imported Camera Glitch


An imported camera I am using in a scene seems to be causing an issue which makes an object appear out of alignment. The objects (camera and mesh) are both imported from Blender.

Here are the problem frames, playing in Blender - notice there is no alignment problem:


But, the same scene in EmberGen - notice the wall moving/jittering out of alignment as if it is briefly following the camera:


It appears to be the camera at fault, as the mesh doesn’t move in the default viewport view, but I can’t figure out why it is not behaving the same as does in Blender. The camera shift values in Blender are all set to 0 and my imported camera is set to 60fps override - I just can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong!

Any help is much appreciated!



Hi Tom, does this happen upon export as well? Since you’re combining interpolated keyframe values with static backplate frame counts, it’s likely that there will always be this discrepancy unless you use Z to step frame by frame.

Hi Will,

Yes, the exported animation shows this jitter/movement also (at the exact same frames). It can be seen in my final Blender composite as well, once the EmberGen export is overlaid.


You can see it move away briefly near the start, at the same frame as in EmberGen. The associated mesh does not move at all in Blender though.

Appreciate your help!


Hmm okay, do you mind sharing these resources with me? I can dive into this today and camera tracking issues are things that i pay close attention to so I want to make sure I can identify what is causing this whether or not its something that we need to adjust. Thanks!