Squashed Aspect Ratio

Every time I render a sequence from Embergen I get a squashed image. Anyone know the reason for this?

The actual frame is the correct aspect ratio but the image within is squashed so I have to scale the height by about 160% before it looks normal

I’m getting the same thing, looks like the default square aspect is kept but then the rendered image is resized to fit in the output resolution or something…

Aha I found it, the export image is independent from the camera settings, so make sure the resolution is correct in the camera node too !

You do indeed need the aspect ratio in the camera to be the same. We’re working on ways to possibly disconnect this.

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Alridy sounds good. Congrats on Embergen by the way ! such an incredible piece of software. Veeeeeeery curious about the grain and fluid solver; GPU POWER yaaaaay :