EmberGen Master Material coming soon?

Hey all,

I have been using Embergen for about 3 months now and really love the fast iterations and workflow overall.

I was really hoping that you would show your Unreal Master Material, I have seen some mentions of it from another post in June but nothing else. I have setup my own material but it would be super useful to see the motion vector workflow as well seeing if I am missing anything out.

Is this going to be released soon?

Keep up the good work!

https://trello.com/b/ulnwrMxv/embergen-public-roadmap You can see UE4 internal information on the EmberGen roadmap

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Unreal Material Examples for Embergen can be downloaded here:


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I tried installing the master materials but the assets are broken, all of the references are lost, blank texture samplers, missing functions, etc.

Any chance we can get an updated set of examples?


If its broken then you didn’t install it correctly. You put the entire lead folder in the content folder as the readme directs.

THis doesnt download. Any other link?

try right-clicking on that link and choosing ‘copy link address’ then paste into the address bar

Arghh sorry. thanks :slight_smile: works perfect.

Creating a new UE project and copying EmberGen_Demo_Materials folder to Content folder works fine!
When I copied it to Content folder of an existing project, all the links were broken. It’s a bug in Unreal Engine.