Scaling Different between Z and X/Y Axis

Hello guys

I started playing with your software … wich is sooo far very nice :slight_smile:
Now I encounter a problem I cant solve for myself: If I import a mesh as a collider the scaling for the z axis seems to be smaller by a factor of 2 than for the y and x axis …

I noticed it only after I set a cylinder for sizereference inside 3d Max (radius 1cm, height 7cm) to recreate the same cylinder with a primitive, the primitive must have (0.5m radius and 1.75m height).

I am probably doing something wrong ? Is there a way to avoid this ? To change the scaling per axis ?

I am grateful for any help.
Regards Tom

Hey Tom,

EmberGen doesn’t respect object scale at all. It scales the object relative to the bounding box sizes. This issue will be fixed in our next major release this quarter. For now you just have to be patient and line things up by eye in the other too.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Hey Nick
Thanks for your answer, which I really appreciate.
Ah ok … I have read that there is currently no scaling, but thought that the relationship of the axes to each other is consistent. No problem, then I look forward even more to the next update.