RoundTrip Embergen to Arnold

We are currently testing EmberGen because we would like to use it purchase it for use in Production.

Free VDB caches from the JangaFX site work properly !
But when we export VDBs manually from Embergen, it is not working with MAYA-ARNOLD.

We are using the Default Startup scene in v1.0.6

We are looking for an approx 1:1 result in In Maya-Arnold
We use a an aiVolume with a aiStandardVolume Shader

We seem to have no colors.
What are we doing wrong?

Hi there, there is no color export for our VDB files, but we are considering developing that in the future. You’ll need to do your best to recreate the colors in your DCC.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Shouldn’t this be a ‘trivial’ thing? (same thing for the particles: no size / age / color / … export)
This has huge overall implications on the cost of the Smoke/Fire/… VFXs
Not only for Maya/Arnold.

The idea is to author the FX with embergen (pure greatness) and render it in Arnold.
(would be a revolutionary, fast, versatile and cost efficient way of doing this type of VFX)
The FX lights up the scene and casts shadow etc…

We realize that there may be some ‘small’ extra tweaks to do in Arnold.
But redo the whole shading part, knowing that the data is already in there ‘somewhere’ for a big part
and is simply not exported … feels like a real missed opportunity and unnecessary cost.

The examples provided on the JangaFX site do contain color. So…
We naturally assumed that the exports would contain the proper data.
When will VDB and Particle exports be fully functional?

What VDB are you using that contains color data?

We tested Free VDBs from the JangaFX site

Renders in Maya/Arnold

Can you tell me which VDB you’re using? there are 15 to choose from

We tried several.
E.g. The one above is Fire Plume. (Flames are mapped on Heat in Arnold (intensity was lowered a bit))
Color data is rendered

We also tried the Gasoline Explosion

Is there any news on this issue?

Will Embergen export color on all the channels in the near future?

Hi there, sorry for the delay. You may have your color channels mapped to white in the ones that don’t appear. There are no color channels in our VDBs, there may be some colors in those other files due to the blackbody interpretation in maya.

There aren’t any plans to export color channels into VDB’s in the near future.