Quick video render from viewport

A feature where you can press “render” and it outputs a video, rendered from the viewport would be very useful. No fancy rendering would be needed, it would be the same shading as the viewport, but you could render videos on a given fps regardless of how is it running in the viewport. I know about the flipbook capture, but that doesn’t include the background elements, such as the ground, atmosphere, or meshes. This would be useful for showing wips to your clients or lead for example, without a need to export anything, and set that up in another software, and render it there.

Currently we have a “start recording” button in the viewport that records the entire scene at 30 or 60 FPS at the frame you are currently on. Unfortunately it outputs an image sequence you would need to compile on your own in another tool or use something like ffmpeg. The reason we don’t have direct video outputs from embergen is licensing fees on video formats that we would have to pay that we aren’t too fond of at this time.

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Compiling them is not really in issue - at least for me, this is better than nothing. I didn’t know about that button, thanks!