How to learn Embergen properly?

I bought myself (by means of surrendering an arm and a leg) a good graphics card, and behold, Embergen is now usable!

But how should I go about learning it properly?

I’ve been playing with presets, fun, but not learning much… I looked for YouTube tutorials, but the top listed ones were old, with a wildly different interface, so not much good.

I’d ideally like something showing how to start from scratch with no nodes, and get from there to something that works nicely. One of the other things I want is to learn how to do convincing rocket exhaust, something that has utterly defeated me with other software.

The rocket exhaust look would almost certainly need 2 rather different looks, one for getting in close so the rocket almost fills the screen, and one for a more distant view with the rocket moving across the screen and leaving an evolving exhaust.


Check out our youtube again, we have been uploading a ton of new tutorials. Here’s the playlist: Quick EmberGen Tutorial: Adding Detail To Your Simulations - YouTube

Ah, thanks, the ones I found before had a completely different user interface.