Learning with version 1.0!

I put Embergen to one side due to pressure of paid work nearly a year ago, but now with the availability of 1.0 (and up) seems like a great time to set about learning it properly. And I’ve forgotten pretty much everything learned before anyway so…

Is there a recommended way to go about learning the current version, without wading through tutorials that only apply to older versions please?

Thank you!

Hi Nick, that is one of our focuses for the next couple months. Is there anything in particular you’d like to learn about? That’ll help our direction for content!

Well… I think the most important for me, (and I think of general interest), would be a “quickstart” type tutorial. Showing the basics, so I’m in a position to explore more productively.

Off the top of my head, things like setting up an animation sequence render , (or still come to that), adding more detail, you probably know what is helpful more than me for that one…

Using with 3d software, with Embergen doing the smoke and flame rendering, rather than exporting a VDB. Maybe something really simple like putting a smoky 3d embergen fire into a 3d bowl object.

After that, maybe explore some widely differing looks and subjects - for example, I see some are using Embergen for highly convincing clouds. Personally I can’t get convincing rocket exhaust with my 3d software, and I suspect Embergen will be SERIOUSLY impressive for that.